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Like all Unitarian congregations, the Chapel governs itself. The Chapel is owned and run by the membership through a company limited by guarantee (CLG), with a Board of Trustees. It is a registered charity, Charity Commission, number 1131346. The members of the Board are Trustees and Directors of the company, with limited personal liability.

The Board is the executive body of the Chapel. It derives its authority from the congregation.

The company’s Articles of Association and Standing Orders are available from the Chapel Office.

All employees, including the Minister, are contracted to the Board. Chapel committees derive their terms of reference, budget and agency from the Board.

Up to 12 directors may be elected to serve on the Board at any time. Board members are elected by the congregation at the AGM’ The Annual Report and Accounts are approved at the AGM.  Documents relating to the 2022 AGM available are listed below.

The Board meets every month, except August. The officers, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, are elected by the Board. Chapel members may attend a Board meeting but may only speak by arrangement or permission. The Minister attends the Board meetings and participates freely in discussions but is not a Director and may not vote. Minutes of Board meetings are available to any member.

Chapel AGM 2022 Documents

AGM Agenda

AGM Proxy Voting and Nomination Forms

AGM Report (please read in preparation for the meeting)

RHUC Financial Statements 2021

Roof Project Summary (please read in preparation for the vote)

If you would like to read the by-laws governing the chapel you may click on the following links:

Articles of Association

Memorandum of Association

Incorporation Document

Standing Orders

GA pattern 4-yellow-section.jpg