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I found my 'Spiritual Home'!

Chapel member Susan Brown tells us why she came to the Chapel, and stayed…

I was brought up in the Church of England, tried hard to be a good Christian, but had difficulty believing in certain aspects, more or less dropping religion soon after leaving school. I became almost an atheist for a while and then more of an agnostic. My faith in nature and ‘goodness’ returned largely with therapy, coming off sleeping pills and personal growth.

During the Peace Movement in the ‘70s and ‘80s I commenced attending Quakers, which I found fulfilling and helpful. I visited the Findhorn Community in the late ‘80s, and eventually decided to stay there - eventually for 8 years. Their way of life and most of their beliefs and practices really suited me, to the extent that I nearly made it my permanent home.

I returned to London, mainly to begin a counselling training that I wished to do. I continued to attend Quaker meetings and soon started also attending Unitarian ones. Slowly the latter took over and after ten years I decided to become a member. I felt and feel the Unitarian faith fits in more with my beliefs, mainly in that it makes no demands on what I do or do not believe, as long as I aim to lead a loving, kind and generous life.


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