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Little ways every day to help the planet

Chapel Elder Sally Somerville has found a useful tool to help tackle climate change:

The 'Evry' app sets out to help us all into planet saving habits: cycling instead of driving, composting our food waste, buying locally produced food and many others, familiar and ingenious. With scores of ideas and much information, the app has much to teach us about living in harmony with the world. Using it makes you feel acknowledged for your efforts and proud of yourself.

Of course, I deleted it about a week after I downloaded it. I felt I'd learned its excellent lessons, I had really known them all anyway. I smiled to myself, muttered 'Job Done' …… and began to backslide. I left lights on, boiled more water than needed, amassed quantities of carrier bags, (reusable of course, but 60 or so? In the cupboard under the stairs?) and washed my dishes with generous quantities of detergent. Writing this piece has made me download the App again. Why not give it a try:


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