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Microagressions - a worsening pain

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Rosslyn Hill Chapel minister, Rev Kate Dean, recently wrote an article for the Unitarian newspaper The Inquirer. It was in a special section about race, sponsored by The Hibbert Trust.

"The impact of microaggressions can be difficult to quantify. The examples given here range from overt acts of racism to more subtle forms of ‘othering’. I can imagine that for many well-meaning, intelligent and even self-professed racially aware Unitarians, such experiences could appear to be very minor. They may ask ‘what is all the fuss about?’

It is that sort of attitude that adds to the pain that many Unitarians of Colour experience when they enter what appears to be a welcoming space, and they are confronted by (sometimes unconscious) behaviour which is undermining or excluding."

This article appeared in Issue 8045 on 15 October 2022. To read the full article, download the document below...

Microagressions Kate Dean article
Download PDF • 475KB

Blog post cover image by Clay Banks.


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