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Bright Lights celebrate Christmas on Zoom

Our Children's Chapel group, Bright Lights, had a very special Zoom call with a surprise guest... Bright Lights Leader Maya tells us more:

"Merry Christmas!

Our theme for this month was Opening to Joy. This Sunday’s Children’s session at Bright Lights took place on zoom, and we made sure to make it full of joy. Thankfully it truly culminated into a wonderful online Christmas session for the kids!

As we lit the candle, and opened using our Bright Lights opening line (We are the chapel of open minds, loving hearts, and helping hands) the ‘togetherness’ of us all was truly felt despite the distance!

The children could choose to do an interactive Christmas comic book, or a collective yoga Christmas story. They all acted for the Christmas yoga story! Not to forget the presence of Father Christmas in real life joining the call all the way from Norway!

Each child took turns say what would happen next in the story, and all the kids joined in on a yoga pose corresponding to that, involving sled pose (navasana/boat pose), reindeer pose (reverse table top), Santa clause pose (Utkata Konasana) and many others. All the children created wonderful yoga poses to go along with their part of the collective story.

In summary, the children created the following story: Bubba the Elf needed to save Christmas because Rudolph had lost his magic nose! The adventure involved climbing huge Christmas trees, flying though a Christmas star, and meeting tiny Christmas birds. We had a dog named Molly on the zoom call with us, and one of the children offered Molly the role of magical flying Christmas creature (with a red hat of course).

Father Christmas in real life was very involved in the story—with even Mrs Claus making an appearance—and joined in whenever Santa was present in the story.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas, and look forward to seeing you again in the new year!"


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