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Celebrating Black Lives: Dr Harold Moody

Updated: Apr 15

As part of Rosslyn Hill Chapel's 'Celebrating Black Lives' series,

this month we celebrate British physician and civil rights activist,

Dr Harold Moody.

Dr Harold Moody, born in 1882, dedicated his life to advocating for racial equality and laid important groundwork for the civil rights movement. He qualified as a physician and experienced a vast amount of discrimination while looking for employment in the healthcare sector. This, among other things, inspired his activism, and he became a respected leader in the black community organising protests and lobbying policymakers.

He proceeded to serve the black community as a doctor in London as he found it to be significantly underserved by the medical system. In 1931, he set up the League of Coloured Peoples, an organisation helping individuals facing discrimination, challenging social norms and raising awareness about inequality and injustice.

His legacy continues to inspire activists to this very day.

“Let us not be discouraged by the obstacles we face but rather emboldened by the righteousness of our cause.”

“Every step forward in the battle against prejudice is a victory for humanity.”

We are not asking for any favors, but only for justice and fair play.”

"It is time for the world to realize that colored people, whether they live in America or in any other country, have a right to equal treatment with white people."

"We are not asking for anything special. We are asking for what is our rightful due."

Each month we mark the significant life of a person of colour as a positive statement and a contribution to redressing historical imbalances in our society. More profiles.


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