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June Inspiration

Our theme for services and events this month is 'Delight'. Here, we share some inspiring words of wisdom and some questions to give you food for thought.

Words of Wisdom

‘And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.’

Khalil Gibran

‘Life feeds anyone who is open to taste its food, wonder, and glee — its immediacy. We see this toward the end of many people’s lives, when everything in their wasted bodies fights to stay alive, for a few more kisses or bites of ice cream, one more hour with you. Life is still flowing through them: life is them.’

Anne Lamott

‘If we do not attend to the work of projecting delight upon the world, what are we actually doing? ...Are we saying that malevolence is the routine stuff of life, that oppression and corruption and degradation is the very matter of the world? That we greet each day with suspicion, bitterness and

contempt? It seems to me that to make suffering the focus of our attention, to pay witness only to the malevolence of the world, is to be in service to the devil himself.’

Nick Cave

‘It doesn't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing.’

Duke Ellington

Questions for Reflection

1. What summer activity delighted you most as a child?

2. Whose ability to be delighted do you envy?

3. Has delight ever been a form of resistance for you?


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