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What the lake means to me

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Last summer, I meant to go to Thunder Bay and go out to camp. This summer, I want to go to Thunder Bay, and go out to camp. Next year...

By ‘camp’, I don’t mean that I’m going camping. I mean I’m going to the cottage, but being from Thunder Bay, I say ‘camp’. The family camp is on Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area (almost the size of Ireland).

I follow various FaceBook groups and get pictures of the lake frequently. Not infrequently, someone has photos from MacKenzie Point. The point in the snow, the point with Northern Lights above, the point in spring. My heart aches. Our camp is just beside MacKenzie Point Conservation Area. I want to go out and look at The Lake. Swim in it in the summer. Canoe over it. I was envious of the photos this winter of people skating on it.

Off the point, is an island. I plan to swim there and back. I have never done this. I started a plan to get ready to do it. Planned out places to swim in London over the summer to get ready. Then COVID, and everyone was out swimming. I don’t know about ‘wild swimming’. When I was growing up, we swam in The Lake, inland lakes, and rivers during the summer. Pools are for winter.

The Lake is where my true home is. I want to say hello to it again. Maybe next year...

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