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Channing School students recognised with the new Rosslyn Hill Chapel Award

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Channing School was founded to educate the daughters of Unitarian ministers at a time when being female and non-conformist were serious barriers to a decent education. Members of Rosslyn Hill Chapel were instrumental in helping to set up the School in 1885 along with Rev Robert Spears, who was the minister of Highgate Unitarian Church. We continue to enjoy cordial relations with the School which include performances at Chapel events by their excellent choirs.

In January Rev Kate Dean helped to launch the Rosslyn Hill Chapel Award, which honours girls who have been nominated by staff and peers who have shown Unitarian values by:

  • Having a significant impact on a charitable cause

  • Demonstrating selflessness and compassion

  • Making an obvious difference to their community in some way

  • Embodying the Channing Unitarian Ethos.

The winners, Anna (year 5) in the Junior School and Tate (year 8) in the Senior School, received book tokens and the honour of a special plate commissioned for the occasion. Each was designed by a Channing pupil: See photos of the Junior School design by Yr 6 pupil Freya (right) and Senior School design by Yr 7 pupil Siana (above) inspired by the Chapel’s stained glass windows. The plates were then created and glazed by a professional. The Award was presented by Rev Kate on Channing School’s Founders Day in July.

Dr Alison Bybee, Chair of the Chapel’s Board sent this message: I commend the winners of this award and I am certain that they are representative of all the wonderful students of Channing School, who embody the spirit of open minds, loving hearts and helping hands each and every day. Your efforts and resilience in every circumstance inspire us to expect the very best of ourselves!’


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